“Born and raised in Chicago, Matt Helms, CEO of Haus Wine and Spirits, is a natural businessman and entrepreneur. He began helping with his father’s small business at the age of seven, and while attending college Matt fully realized his passion for business.

He entered the distribution business at age 22 with a major national distributor where he worked for 11 years, learning the unique needs of customers and how to help their business thrive.  His love for the wine and spirits industry grew as he moved up the ranks in his company.

Matt purchased Haus Wine and Spirits in 2013 and has never looked back.  His focus is introducing high quality, small batch, craft wine and spirits to Illinois and other marketplaces while utilizing the latest technology and marketing solutions to promote his products along with each customer’s business.  He has vast experience and understands how to adapt to the market challenges that brand owners and customers alike face.

Matt takes pride in providing the solutions that his customers need to compete in today’s marketplace and meet ever changing market demands, providing a unique and profitable solution for both his customers and suppliers. “