About Us


Haus Wine and Spirits was founded in 1998 by wine expert Herb Hausman, who has industry savvy dating back to WWII. Over the past 16 years, Hausman has been committed to introducing only the finest wine and craft spirit products to the Illinois market, specializing in esoteric products to ensure quality and consistency. Now, with an expanded sales force and a fresh marketing approach, the new ownership of Haus Wine and Spirits offers the same commitment to the highest quality and consistency to its valued customers.

Despite the ever-shifting nature and demands of the wine and spirits industry, our mission at Haus Wine and Spirits is based on a constantly evolving ideology that serves as the solid foundation of our vision. Haus Wine and Spirits takes its products and customers to the next level in service and quality. In an industry ruled by mediocrity and bureaucracy, Haus takes a fresh approach to distribution by embracing the concept that we are a bridge linking the impassioned and dedicated brands, companies and people that we represent to the retailers and end consumers. At Haus Wine & Spirits, we have a highly organized operation with the infrastructure and technology to offer all of the services of a national distributor but with the passion and individualized attention of a grassroots organization.